Dean’s Message

Dear Students,

I wish you all a healthy day.

We are going through an unusual period. Covid-19 pandemic, which has taken the whole world by storm, affects all areas of life as well as our higher education activities. It has been reported by the Higher Education Council that there will be distance education in the Spring term. Our lessons will continue on the 6th of April, 2020, as Distance Education. You will be notified by our faculty member who gives the course how and which course will be taught on which platform. The theoretical parts of the courses will be continued remotely, while the practice parts are aimed to be carried out at the end of the semester or in an accelerated manner in summer (after the pandemic hazard has passed). Our priority is to complete your education completely. At this point, of course, you have a great job. Please definitely participate in the courses to be taught by Distance Education. Carefully go over the documents suggested to you and discuss the points that are not understood with the Faculty Member. Check your e-mail addresses on Iyte regularly. Information on Distance Education is provided through the website of Please visit our website frequently. Various technical problems may occur during this process, as we have to give all training activities from afar for the first time. You can forward these disruptions to the relevant people from the Distance Education web page.

As a society, there is no doubt that we will overcome this challenge. I request that you follow the recommendations of our Ministry of Health to protect yourself and your family in the process ( I hope that this pandemic will lose its effect as soon as possible and we will continue our lives with you.

I wish you healthy and successful days.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa M. Demir