16 March 2016

The 12th National Chemical Engineering Congress (UKMK2016)

Dear Scientists and Colleagues,

The 12th National Chemical Engineering Congress (UKMK2016) will be held on August 23-26, 2016 at Wyndham Grand İzmir proudly hosted by the Department of Chemical Engineering of İzmir Institute of Technology.

The aim of the congress, organized by the frontier universities of Turkey since 1994, is to promote collaborative studies and projects by increasing interactive relations between the parts of the chemical engineering profession and to contribute and consolidate the university-industry relations.

We are kindly inviting Chemical Engineers to share their current researches with industrialists, academicians and young colleges at UKMK2016 as IYTE Chemical Engineering Department.

Moreover, the projects contest of XIII. Ne Üretelim, traditionally organized by IYTE Chemical Engineering Department since 2002, will be held on August 25, 2016 within the scope of UKMK2016. We feel extremely excited about bringing together young entrepreneurs with the delegates of national industrial organizations who place importance on research and development under the scope and theme of UKMK2016 for developing new and sustainable chemical technologies.

We will be extremely happy to see you as a representative of the most fruitful and productive sector for developing and creating values added products at UKMK2016 being organized with high level and enthusiasm.

The Honorary President of the UKMK 2016

Timur ERK ( The president of TKSD)

The Presidents of UKMK2016

Prof. Dr. Fehime ÇAKICIOĞLU ÖZKAN (The Head of Chemical Engineering Department)

Prof. Dr. Mehmet POLAT


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