29 June 2015

Mechanical engineering students win first prize

The undergraduate senior design project, done under the ME 402 Engineering Design course of Department of Mechnaical Engineering of our faculty, with name “Agrobat – Remotely Operated Agricultural Vehicle” has won the first place prize in the annual “Interuniversity Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Departments Senior Design Projects Exhibition and Competition” in the Mechanical Engineering Projects Category.

Under the supervision of our faculty, Asst. Prof. Dr. Onursal Önen and Asst. Prof. Dr. Ünver Özkol, the team composed of our students Abdullah YAŞIR, Fırat TÜZGEL, Melih KARADUMAN, Faruk ŞERMET, Ayhan ÜLGEN, Ahmet Can YAŞARLAR and Kemal HASIRCI has scored the highest points from the committee members and also awarded 2000 TL with the project they have designed and manufactured, which is remotely operated and capable of planting potatoes automatically.

In addition to its design, the project stood out with their environmentally friendly and sustainable design among more than 30 different projects, all from the universities around İzmir region, with the biodiesel they have produced for using it as the fuel in their vehicle.

We congratulate our supervising faculty members and students.

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